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Hatsune Miku Tambahan


Hatsune Miku Tambahan

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Harga Diskon: US$322.39
Harga Anda: US$298.05 (Anda telah menyimpan: US$24.34)
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Kelley 2016-11-03

I bought the cosplay Noble Hatsune Miku. I have always loved this outfit of hers and I was so happy that you guys had it. I had you commission the ankle covers and it was spot on. Thanks so much for this outfit! XD

Ashley 2016-02-06

I received the wig a couple months ago and it's very nice and the quality is excellent!

Kimberley 2015-11-26

Best costume ever, was so comfortable to wear and looked awesome. Both cosplays from this site as well as Luka's wig. Will definitely order from you guys again ^-^ Event: Supanova 2015, Adelaide, Australia

Marie 2015-08-01

Hello, i bought this dress a while ago but i never really did a review. So here goes. While the dress was good the sparkels on the skirt came loose and now there's glitter all over my house that i can't really get rid of. The worst is gone but now and then you see small sparkels on the floor. Could be something to think about for future reference.

Jasmina 2015-06-04

The wig is great! ^w^. The style and color is wonderful! I'll definitely, without a doubt buy cosplays from you guys again ^u^. Thank You!~~~

Leeolie 2015-01-18

i got my Cosplay nicely and mine actually came with the hair pieces and i was really surprised!It fits and ill surely be buying more Miku Cosplays!~

Leeolie 2014-12-19

THX for using my photos ^^ i really love this outfit i recieved on Monday, i got everything BUT the hair scrunchies, thats not a problem tho im buying some online ^-^ cant wait to buy another Miku outfit!

Leeolie 2014-12-15

HI! i received my Miku Hatsune Snow Kimono today and i LOVE it, the detail is great, accurate measurments and the whole thing is just fabulous. Took me awhile to figure out how to tie it on lol, but i got it! Its roomy and drapy like they way i like kimonos. Recommended this site to friends!

Valerie 2014-07-16

As far as the dress goes, oh my gosh it is gorgeous!I wore it all day and was fairly happy about how comfortable the dress was.

Myriam 2014-06-27

I Love Cosplayfu.

strawberi 2014-06-18

I just received my order today!It looks exactly like the video. The jacket is a little small though (large) I'm a US size 2. The worksmanship is great! Thank you so much!!!

María 2014-05-24

Here I leave a picture of my cosplay using Super Sonic in Barcelona Comic Fair 2014, as you can see the headset and necklace are beautiful. A greeting and thank you very much.

Alanna 2014-05-18

I bought this Miku Hatsune World Is Mine cosplay dress from you guys, and it was great! I loved wearing it to cons and in videos. Thanks so much, I plan on ordering from you again in the near future! I've yet to be disappointed with CosplayFU!

astraea 2014-04-25

Got this cosplay today. The quality is so nice! I think it's the best one I've gotten from here yet! The only concern I have is that the top doesn't have a zipper or anything and it's a bit of a hassle to get off, but I can do it. xD It also comes with the hair accessories! Super cute cosplay! Thank you again Cosplayfu!

Jessica 2013-10-25

I would like to thank you guys for the cosplay it looked great and it fits nice thank you very much! :)

Mette 2013-09-07

Hi, my cosplay came in time, and the dress and "everything" was "perfect", except for the headphones. They worked fine, but the microphone fell off right after I carefully unpacked them. So for the sake of future buyers of this cosplay, could the one who make thee microphone please make it better? ^^ Thank you~ ps. Sorry for my bad english.

Victoria 2013-08-22

Lovely costume but i thought the shorts were a little too long and the waist is a little big. I probably did the measurements wrong so that's not really there fault. Also the arms are a little tight. Over all, very good. Nothing a little pinning can't fix. Also, the colors were perfect. Almost exactly like it. The stockings are actually a little brighter then that as well as the buttons and the bow tie. I'm very satisfied with the costume as a whole.

Ashley 2013-08-12

I ordered this already and I'm excited for its arrival! ^^ When I get it, mark my words, I'll thank you all personally, especially the dress maker, tell him/her I said his/her work is awesome!~ On another note, are you guys aware that steals most of your mannequin pictures to scam its customers? I'd do something about it, it's just sad to see people get scammed for their money. Anyways, thanks again!~

Allison 2013-08-08

Its a great tattoo. easy to put on and it last a long time. very satisfied. :]

James 2013-08-08

As a Miku Hatsune fan, this Love is War costume and the Eager Love Revenge version are worth buying. There is a slight difference in the design for both costumes and as an owner of both costumes I am glad CosplayFu have both available. This is the only site I know that has two different designs for this costume. Thank you CosplayFu for having a wide array of costumes available. You are the greatest costume website ever.

James 2013-08-08

I got my cosplay today and it looks great. My review. The dark blue skirt is actually a long sleeveless dress with a zipper on the left side and the white sailor top is separated from the sleeveless dark blue dress. A very creative proportion cosplay. I am a happy loyal customer.

Sophia 2013-08-05

Hello Cosplayfu, I just got this costume with the Yondaime 4th Hokage costume, me and my cousin were really happy when we got the costumes and just in time for our cosplay conventions, we love it so much, thank you so much Cosplayfu! ^^

Sarah 2013-07-07

Mikuzukin Cosplay from Hatsune Miku Project Diva Event: Anime Expo 2013 Country: United States/ USA

Breanna 2013-07-01

Hello! I just recieved my cosplay today, and I LOVE Hello! I just recieved my cosplay today, and I LOVE it! Here's my review: The wig I recieved is amazing!!! It was really heavy at first, but I'm getting used to it. The hair clips were a tad bit small, but I somehow got them to fit. The tie is wonderful, and the ruffles on the shirt aren't itchy at The tie is wonderful, and the ruffles on the shirt aren't itchy at all. My shirt fits nicely. The arm sleeves can be slightly uncomfy at the top, but you get used to The arm sleeves can be slightly uncomfy at the top, but you get used to it. The skirt is a bit loose, but still rides nicely. The socks do like to roll alot, but are extremely comfortable. I know you keep saying this doesn't include a belt, but I got onI know you keep saying this doesn't include a belt, but I got one! xD I was so relieved that I didn't have to make it. So thanks for the surprixD I was so relieved that I didn't have to make it. So thanks for the surprise! The shoes I got look a bit ...fake. the blue looks like it was taped on. but other than that, they're great!! I loooove my cosplay, and will order again. thank yoI loooove my cosplay, and will order again. thank you!

James 2013-07-01

When this costume came to my house, wow the costume looks great. The black arm sleeves are comfortable, the red hair clips actually stays on my Miku Wig,the skirt is secure, and the socks stretch above my knee. Now for this Miku Cosplay that I own, the black arm sleeves are not comfortable and it leaves a mark on my arms but that's okay, the socks are knee-high, the red hair clips fall off my miku wig, and the skirt will only stay secure above your waist if you use the belt to secure it from the inside (area around the waist). Regardless both costumes look great and are worth the wait.

Nicole 2013-07-01

I just got this costume in the mail today! it's GORGEOUS! it's made really well and fits perfectly! this is my first cosplay costume ever and i'm very glad i ordered it from here. Thank you so much, i will definitely buy from here again

Maria 2013-07-01

I bought this cosplay and it was gorgeous! It fit VERY well but the sleeves were a little to tight but That was probably on my part ^_^; But I love it, I most defiantly know were to come next time for all my cosplay needs.

Sarah 2013-06-30

I got my cosply, and I love it so much its soooo great!!!!

Grace 2013-06-30

I just got this in the mail and it looks PERFECT!! If you're thinking on getting this, GET IT!! The only problem I have is the belt because it's really long for my height (I'm 5'2"-3"), but other than that it's great! I've bought from you guys before and you have yet to let me down. The costume looks exactly like the picture. The stockings feel AMAZING! The satin isn't like the kind of satin you would get from a normal costume shop, it won't make you feel overheated and it's so smooth. I guarantee that you guys will love it :) Now to go see if I can get the wig :)

Angela 2013-06-30

I got this in the mail today!It is perfect! :'D I will definetly buy something here again! Thank you Cosplayfu!:)

Bridgette 2013-06-30

I just got my costume today! and two words AWESOME!! Everything is nicely done and fits me perfectly!! Thank you soo much Cosplayfu!

Roberta 2013-06-24

I love this dress. It fits perfectly and the fabric is good, too.

Annette 2013-06-03

I got my package today, and everything looked fine. Both of the costumes look really good, and the wig is very similar to the one i originally ordered. I'm also really happy that i got it so fast. Thank you very much.

Crystal 2013-05-28

I am very Satisfied with my Infinite Holic Miku Cosplay I got from this site c: It fits PERFECTLY~ I will definitely be doing business with you in the future~! C: -KawaiiPsychoNerd

Ashley 2013-05-08

Hi, I wanted to show you guys my awesome new cosplay from you =^.^=

jeannine 2013-04-04

Hey guys ! I just wanted to say that I LOVE MY WIG ! It's just perfect ! Everyone told me how great it looked when I wore it at a convention. I'll be sure to order from you again !

Sophia 2013-02-28

I loved the wig I wore it all the time ^__^!

Jessica 2013-02-16

I would love to say that once again you have amazed me, you have done another great job! :3

G.M.E. 2013-02-07

I'm very happy with my cosplay, it's beautiful! Only thing I was a bit sad about is that the 1 of the blue strokes on the rose is already a little bit damaged.... but for the rest it is great!I'm already looking forward to the next costume I'm gonna order from your website.

Yuki 2013-01-14

Dear Team ! Thank you so much vor The beautifull And awsome wig :) But The tails only 100cm >_< I send cosplay photos from me. But i have only The wig. Thank you so much Lovely greeds Yuki ojamaki :) (I come from Austria) My wig is Miku Hatsune (HML) from VOCALOID

Sophia 2013-01-05

I love the sandplay costume I bought from CosplayFU~! Keep on the good work for the costumes!

Daisy 2013-01-03

I just received my order and it fits perfect

Taylor 2012-11-12

My order number was 219-12-5484, and I loved the costume. :) It was comfortable, and I will most definitely be purchasing from you guys again! (I'm the Miku Hatsune on the left)

Wilmie 2012-10-07

I ordered and cosplayed in one of your costumes at rAge expo in South Africa this year, it was great! Thanks for the great service and feedback, I'll be sure to order from you again in the near future! Please find herewith attached a picture of me in the costume :)

James 2012-06-25

the Eager Love Revenge has a better design than the Love is War costume in terms of better design for the belt, armband, shirt, and tie. As a Miku Hatsune fan, I decided to buy both costumes. You're doing a great job.

James 2012-06-04

The moment I saw the Miku Hatsune Eager Love Revenge costume, it is a must have. My very first order came to my house a weeks later and the costume is amazing.

James 2012-06-04

My second favorite character Akemi Homura cosplay also a must have. The costume design is the best. From there, I continued to buy costumes from your site on a monthly basis. The CosplayFu Team is the best.

Sophia 2012-05-31

I was happy using the Miku Hatsune default wig I bought from CosplayFU~! I really loved it when it came to the house, keep up the good work~! ^_^

Lucia 2012-05-31

My Miku Hatsune secret Police cosplay. It beautifull, I love everything you guys do and I will continue to order from you :)!

Dulce 2012-05-25

Hi! I ordered the Miku Magnet cosplay a while ago (#012472 order number) and I couldn't have been happier with it! It was my first cosplay experience and you offered me the best for a good price! I am looking forward to the next time I order something from you (which will be very soon) :D Thank you

noud 2011-06-07

the cosplay was made by me, and i bought the wig from cosplayfu. it's a great quality wig, and i really love it.

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